Pescado con Moscas Fly Fishing Adventures
Rivers & Fish


Sabinal River- Floating and fishing this river is super and offers great opportunities to catch some nice fish. I only like to take serious fisherman down this river and encourage catch and release at all times. The Sabinal is truly a hidden jewel with a demanding float and excellent fishing.

Nueces River- Always Good and will catch 10-15" Guadalupes all day long with potential of hooking up with larger fish. The Nueces gives a less punishing of a float with probability of less portage. The guadelupes in this river have big attitudes and always pull hard on light tackle. This a good river and almost always gives a fisherman good stories to tell.

Frio River-Very good large mouth bass river.Crowded with tubers in the summer but fishes well in spots. The Frio fishes real well but you have to choose your places to fish carefully. This river is worth a look. The Frio is also stocked with 10-15" rainbow trout from December-March.


Fish- Guadelupe Bass,  Black Bass, Rio Grande Cichlid, 5 species  Sunfish, Blue and Channel Catfish,  Spotted Gar, Carp

The bass and sunfish can always be taken on  a fly rod  but, the catfish, gar, and carp will occasionally give some excitement when the opportunity arises. 















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